Saturday, September 5, 2009

September freebie!

Today I have two things on the agenda:
1) to show off some layouts created from kits by Amy Sumrall, who I have recently begun stalking... at least on her blog and new store at the-LilyPad!
2) to present my September paper freebie!

So first off, Amy Sumrall! I love her designs!!! Her work screams of doodley fun-ness! I hadn't heard of CU free designers before Amy. CU free means that she does all her own work. You are not getting another designer's work recycled and revamped. It's awesome and a challenge for me as a designer to do the same! I've done several different layouts with various kits this week, and have another still in progress...

Credits: Nutty by Amy Sumrall

Credits: Wubulous by Amy Sumrall

Credits: Everyday by Amy Sumrall

In other news, my computer, my good ol' CPU, decided to crash. Like it made sounds like it was going to start up, but it just wouldn't run. No picture on the screen, nothing. Good thing I save everything on my EHD! :) So I got adventuresome and bought an iMac. I'm still learning all the quirks, but so far, it's not too shabby!!! I am working with PSE4 for Mac, which is not the best, but it works... I really want to drastically upgrade to CS4. Sigh... I can dream!

Click here for your freebie! Sorry, the link has expired. You can still purchase them from my store! And please note that after next month (October), I will begin to remove links to freebies, since I will be selling these papers! Have a great day!

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