Monday, April 21, 2008

About the dinosaurs...

(Papers and elements by Sarah Belle: From a Little Baby freebie kits, Circle eyelet frame by Candace Duffy: Scrapbooking for Boys freebie, Brads by Michelle Underwood: Rush kit)

I squeezed in some time tonight to scrap tonight. My husband has been on a picture taking kick, which is great for me! :) I'm not so good at that myself. I'll take 700 pictures just to get that one magical one. He will take 20 pictures and half of them are great. We're a good team!

I was really happy to use some of my new digital scrapping downloads for this LO! I was hoping to get one done of each of the kids, but it's getting late, so maybe tomorrow!

A quick story about this boy today: I was reading him his current favorite book which is about dinosaurs. I was reading along, pointing out the triceratops, the brontosaurus, the corythosaurus, the diplodocus, and so on. He saw a tail that was in the corner of the page, "And what's that one?" It wasn't labeled, so I said, "I don't know honey." He told me, "That's Shawna."

No clue where that came from! :)

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