Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little about me

I'm a mommy of 3. That is mainly where I get my identity at this point in life! My oldest son is 3 years old and my twin boys turned a year in February. I'm a stay home mommy, working on my master's in counseling. My husband is in the Air Force.

I just started working my digital "magic" about a month ago, and it is so addicting! I'm trying to start up a card designing business - baby announcements, holiday cards, and so on. I also want to do some scrapbooking for hire. If anybody is interested, contact me!!! :)
(Layout digital kit: Michelle Underwood's "Rush", Daise Company)


SLKozul said...

Joy - I'm so glad you're enjoying the kits. Your boys are adorable and I hope to see your LOs with them soon.

Lee Anne said...

Cute layout! I found your blog via Sarah's (saw your comment that you were also a twin mom). My boys are only about a month or so older than yours! Small world and I love "meeting" other twin moms that scrap.

nettie said...

Great LO's :) aren't sarah's kits wonderful?? i found your blog from your comment on sarah's site. i, myself just got into digital scrapbooking last feb.(mainly b/c of all the beautiful work that i've seen from sarah and another twin mom in my TWINS magazine message board group). keep up the great work!!

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