Thursday, May 21, 2009

Want some awesome totally free scrapkits?!?

I've been spending a lot of time over at DigiscrapAddicts. There is a contest going on called "So You Think You Can Design?". It's now week three and there are TONS of free kits! Really really nice kits. Like, I can't believe they are giving them away for free!!! Amazing!!! I haven't even had time to scrap, I just keep downloading new kits like a maniac. I'm addicted to DigiscrapAddicts! lol...

Some of the Designers participating: Flergs, BZB Designs, Faith True, Redju, Jadyday Studios, Amy Sumrall (who is my new FAVORITE designer). You've got to check out Amy's blog and see her super cute colorful doodley kits. SO CREATIVE!

You will need to register at the DigiscrapAddicts forum to get into the free products, but it's just like registering for any normal forum. Nothing scary, no catches, just lots of COOL scrap stuff.

Make sure you clear out some space on your EHD! lol. And try not to hyperventilate.

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