Friday, May 16, 2008

A link for military couples and LOs

Good morning (or afternoon or evening, whatever it might be for you)! First off, another CT layout for Brittney Ferguson! I LOVE the way this one turned out! I have to laugh everytime I look at it!!! Brittney Ferguson's John from the Star Collection kit. Kunstler script font.

Someone sent me a link of resources designed with military spouses/couples in mind. 50 best relationship resources and sites for military couples There are a couple articles in particular that caught my attention because they are different from the norm, for example, "How to Inform Your Spouse that You do not Want to Attend a Military Heart Link Class" (lol!) and "My Married yet Strangely Single Life as an Army Wife" (not so lol...)

Military life is so complicated sometimes... Which leads me on to another layout I put together last night. This photo was taken at the "hotel" at our new base when we were in the process of moving this past December:

Michelle Underwood's Rush kit. Roladex card from Michelle Underwood's Chase kit. Georgia and Weltron Urban font.

Text reads: The move from Aviano to Ramstein seemed to drag on and on. We were without a place to call our own for two months. With these three litle ones, it was even harder. They didn't have their own space, their own toys, their own consistent schedule... Yet, they didn't care! They were happy! They had Mama, Daddy, and each other, and that was all they seemed to need.


Michelle said...

Adorable lo's! Michelle

brittney said...

Great layouts! Love the journaling on the last one!

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