Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New pages and my morning rantings

This morning as I attempted to put in an Elmo video (yes, a real VHS one, there are still a few lurking in our house!), I discovered that my VCR would not eject the tape already inside. I peeked inside and found a matchbox car perched atop the casette that was firmly in place.
All my neighbors heard it: "WHO PUT A CAR IN THE VCR?!?"
Adding to the huge list of titles that all mothers hold: Professional Electronic Toy Extractors... and today I earned my license to practice.

And now for some new layouts!
My zany family...This was a blast to scrap! I'm amazed at how many people I was able to display on one page without it feeling too crunched together!

(Cheer me up kit by Michelle Underwood, Juice ITC font)

I rarely get to use girly colors since I have all these little boys running around and they are the subject of so many of my layouts, so I was excited at how this layout turned out!
We had fun this last week-end. It was so nice outside, we had to take a trip to the zoo!!! Here I am with my oldest son:
(CT call kit freebie from Brittney Ferguson, Eurostile and Rage Italic fonts)

My DH recently made an ABC book for our boys. He did the WHOLE book himself!!!
(Kit & elements by LaWanna DesJardin, Weltron Urban font)

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Lee Anne said...

Oh no! So I take it you got the car and tape out? He, he. Earned another badge in mommyhood.

Love the layouts! Your hubby created an ABC book! How cool is that!!!!! And you have the proof. :)

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